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Our Corporate & Social Responsibility

APIMS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Corporate Social Responsibility systems provide a framework for the company to operate in a transparent and ethical manner that is consistent with sustainable development and welfare of society, the expectations of stakeholders is in compliance with applicable law and consistent with international norms of behaviour; and is integrated throughout the organisation.

Taking into account the interests and contributions of those who we affect is the basis for ethical behaviour and sound governance. It is recognised that areas which we do affect extend to employees, customers suppliers and the local community. It also has a wider impact on the environment. Our strategic approach is to anticipate and address issues associated with interactions with others and, through those interactions, succeed in business endeavours. Ultimately this means behaving responsibly and dealing with suppliers who do the same.

APIMS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED will do this by addressing and driving continual improvement in the following areas:
* Corporate governance and ethics,
* Health and safety,
* Environmental stewardship,
* Human rights (including core labour rights),
* Sustainable development,
* Conditions of work (including safety and health, hours of work, wages),
* Industrial relations,
* Community involvement, development and investment,
* Involvement of and respect for diverse cultures and disadvantaged peoples,
* Corporate philanthropy and employee volunteering,
* Customer satisfaction and adherence to principles of fair competition,
* Anti-bribery and anti-corruption measures,
* Accountability, transparency and performance reporting,
* Supplier relations.