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Solar Powered Vehicle: “A Petty Shop on wheels” a self employment for differently abled for the First Time In The World by APIMS India Private Limited. Launched by Hon’ble CM Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Hon'ble chief minister Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu was pleased to launch The Worlds First Solar Powered Petty Shop on Wheels for the self employment of differently abled on 19-03-2016. This green energy vehicle called Sunny Splendor is introduced by APIMS India Private Limited in Andhra Pradesh. Chief Minister was excited by the ride taken at the venue (A convention centre). This amazing solar based vehicle is designed and manufactured by Ostrich Mobility, a Bangalore-based company. This can help differently abled people in a great way in their day-to-day livelihood. People can use this as a mobile shop to run their small businesses at any location like selling fruits, vegetables, snack items etc,.

The battery provided along with the vehicle make it run 30 km per charge. Solar panel on top of the vehicle on an 8 hours of exposure to sunlight increase the drive range to 50 km.. With the help of joystick vehicle direction can be changed very easily without any physical stress. This sunny splendor has an adequate space so that many items can be kept, carried and sold easily for the benefit of the people

This amazing vehicle can be used by differently abled people to earn a decent income for their simple happy lives so they can lead their lives with great self-respect in the society.

APIMS India Private Limited is the landmark for unique and innovative projects. This sunny splendor has been introduced by APIMS to Andhra Pradesh for a very noble cause understanding the challenges faced by differently abled individuals and their families, where our prime goal in bringing this vehicle is not for-profit basis. Our main motto in bringing this vehicle is to enrich the lives of differently abled people of Andhra Pradesh.